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Shah Goli — Tabriz

You can get the client real IP in PHP applications using following code:


Laravel provides a convenient way to retrieve client IP:

/* Illuminate/Http/Request.php */
or/* symfony/http-foundation.php */

But they are not working when your website is behind the Cloudflare or other proxies (e.g. a load balancer) and all return the Cloudflare Server IP.

However, there is a method in symfony/http-foundation/Request.php to bypass the proxy server IP. It is setTrustedProxies() method.

So, we can call this method in AppServiceProvider like this:

...use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;...    public function boot()
/* This line set the Cloudflare's IP as a trusted proxy…


Khalil Laleh

Full-Stack Developer and Laravel Contributor

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